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Painter, Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist (Hybrid)
Apply techniques to prepare substrates for coating and lining application. Techniques may include removal of rust, mill scale and previously applied hazardous coatings utilizing industry-specific tools and techniques. Apply/install protective coatings and linings to steel and concrete on complex structures, such as bridges and towers; waterfront structures, such as locks and dams, ship hulls, offshore platforms, bulkheads, and piers; metal and manufacturing facilities; chemical and processing facilities (e.g. food processing; pulp and paper mills; food and beverage plants; water and wastewater processing facilities); and conventional and nuclear power generation facilities. By the nature of their work, this trade often work in dangerous environments such as bridges high over waterways, other highways or railroads, or in confined spaces such as shipboard spaces, small vessels or storage tanks.
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
2009HYFlorida Finishing Trades Institute JATC
4632-6032Al Trombetta 5Orange