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Carpenter Framing and Finishing Level 1 (Hybrid)
Measures and marks location of studs, leaders, and receptacle openings, using tape measure, template, and marker. Cuts sidings and moldings, sections of weatherboard, openings in sheetrock, and lumber, using hand tools and power tools. Aligns and fastens materials together, using hand tools and power tools, to form building or bracing. Lays out and aligns materials on worktable or in assembly jig according to specified instructions. Installs prefabricated windows and doors, insulation, wall, ceiling and floor panels or siding, using adhesives, hoists, hand tools, and power tools. Trims overlapping edges of wood, weatherboard, using portable router or power saw, and hand tools. Removes surface defects, using knife, scraper, wet sponge, electric iron, and sanding tools. Repairs or replaces defective locks, hinges, cranks, and pieces of wood, using glue, hand tools, and power tools. Realigns windows and screens to fit casements and oils moving parts. Measures cut materials to determine conformance to specifications, using tape measure. Examines wood surfaces for defects, such as nicks, cracks, or blisters. Fills cracks, seams, depressions, and nail holes with filler. Studies blueprints, specification sheets, and drawings to determine style and type of window or wall panel required. Moves panel or roof section to other work stations or to storage or shipping area, using electric hoist. Directs crane operator in positioning floor, wall, ceiling, and roof panel on house foundation. Applies stain, paint or crayons to defects and filler to touch up the repaired area.
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
9999Florida Carpenters Apprenticeship Program GNJ
2760-4000Amanda McGinley 6Martin
9999MARS CDC Apprenticeship Program for Men and Women GNJ
2760-4000Brenda Hill-Riggins 9Dade