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Direct Support Specialist
Keep records or prepare reports for owner or management concerning visits with clients. Provide information or refer individuals to public or private agencies or community services for assistance. Visit individuals in homes or attend group meetings to provide information on agency services, requirements, or procedures. Interview individuals or family members to compile information on social, educational, criminal, institutional, or drug history. Submit reports and review reports or problems with superior. Advise clients regarding food stamps, child care, food, money management, sanitation, or housekeeping. Consult with supervisor concerning programs for individual families. Oversee day-to-day group activities of residents in institution. Assist in locating housing for displaced individuals. Transport and accompany clients to shopping areas or to appointments, using automobile. Demonstrate use and care of equipment for tenant use. Explain rules established by owner or management, such as sanitation or maintenance requirements or parking regulations. Assist clients with preparation of forms, such as tax or rent forms. Observe and discuss meal preparation and suggest alternate methods of food preparation.
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
1040CBFlorida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (Florida ARF), GNJ (NOTE: This program services all counties in Florida. Please contact Kathleen Taylor at (850) 245-9062 for more information.)
2000Courtney Swilley 2Leon