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Cyber Security Support Technician (Competency-Based)
Develops security policies and protocols; assists in enforcing company compliance with network security policies and protocols. Provides technical support to users or customers. Installs, configures, tests, operates, maintains and manages networks and their firewalls including hardware and software that permit sharing and transmission of information. Installs, configures, troubleshoots and maintains server configurations to ensure their confidentiality, integrity and availability; also manages accounts, firewalls, configuration, patch and vulnerability management. Is responsible for access control, security configuration and administration. Configures tools and technologies to detect, mitigate and prevent potential threats. Assesses and mitigates system network, business continuity and related security risks and vulnerabilities. Reviews network utilization data to identify unusual patterns, suspicious activity or signs of potential threats.
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
2050CBCareerSource Research Coast Apprenticeship Program, GNJ
2000Tracey McMorris 6St. Lucie
2050CBComputer Coach Training Center, INJ
2000Suzanne Ricci 4Hillsborough
2050CBLearning Alliance Corporation Apprenticeship, GNJ
2000Fred Arnold 4Hillsborough
2050CBMiller Electric Company, Inc. INJ
2000Tim Hinson 3Duval
2050CBOrange Technical College - Winter Park Apprenticeship Program, GNJ
2000Margaret Wilster 5Orange
2050CBParagon Cyber Solutions, INJ
2000Courtney Jackson 4Hillsborough