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Scaffold Erector (Hybrid)
Measure materials or distances, using square, measuring tape, or rule to lay out work. Study blueprints and diagrams to determine dimensions of structure or form to be constructed. Cut or saw boards, timbers, or plywood to required size, using handsaw, power saw, or woodworking machine. Mark cutting lines on materials, using pencil and scriber. Anchor and brace forms and other structures in place, using nails, bolts, anchor rods, steel cables, planks, wedges, and timbers. Erect forms, framework, scaffolds, hoists, roof supports, or chutes, using hand tools, plumb rule, and level. Assemble and fasten material together to construct wood or metal framework of structure, using bolts, nails, or screws. Bore boltholes in timber, masonry or concrete walls, using power drill. Maintain job records and schedule work crew. Install rough door and window frames, subflooring, fixtures, or temporary supports in structures undergoing construction or repair. Examine structural timbers and supports to detect decay, and replace timbers as required, using hand tools, nuts, and bolts. Fabricate parts, using woodworking and metalworking machines. Dig or direct digging of post holes and set poles to support structures.
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0069R2-HYCentral Florida Carpenters JATC
5200-8000Jeff Elliott 5Orange
0069R2-HYSouth Florida Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC)
5200-8000Jason Hearn 8Broward