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Structural Steel/Ironworker
Performs any combination of the following duties to raise, place, and unite girders, columns, and other structural-steel members to form completed structures or structure frameworks, working as member of crew. Sets up hoisting equipment for raising and placing structural-steel members. Fastens steel members to cable of hoist, using chain, cable, or rope. Signals worker operating hoisting equipment to lift and place steel member. Guides member, using tab line (rope) or rides on member in order to guide it into position. Pulls, pushes, or pries steel members into approximate position while member is supported by hoisting device. Forces members into final position, using turnbuckles, crowbars, jacks, and hand tools. Aligns rivet holes in member with corresponding holes in previously placed member by driving drift pins or handle of wrench through holes. Verifies vertical and horizontal alignment of members, using plumb bob and level. Bolts aligned members to keep them in position until they can be permanently riveted, bolted, or welded in place. Catches hot rivets tossed by Rivet Heater (heat treating) in bucket and inserts rivets in holes, using tongs. Bucks (holds) rivets while Riveter,Pneumatic (any industry) uses air hammer to form heads on rivets. Cuts and welds steel members to make alterations, using oxyacetylene welding equipment. May specialize in erecting or repairing specific types of structures and be designated Bridge-Maintenance Worker (construction); Chimney Builder, Reinforced Concrete (construction); Scaffold Builder, Metal (construction); Structural-Steel-Equipment Erector (construction).
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0669Mid Florida Ironworkers JAC
6000Richard Watford 5Orange
0669South Florida Ironworkers JATTC
6000Robert (Bobby) Wisehart 8Broward
0669Tampa Ironworkers JATC
6000Don Graham 4Hillsborough