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Heating and Air Conditioning Installer-Servicer - 8,000 hrs
Installs, services, and repairs environmental control systems in residences, department stores, office buildings, and commercial establishments, utilizing knowledge of refrigeration theory, pipefitting, and structural layout. Mounts compressor and condenser units on platform or floor, using hand tools, following blueprints or engineering specifications. Fabricates, assembles, and installs ductwork and chassis parts, using portable metalworking tools and welding equipment [Duct Installer (construction; mfd. buildings.) 869.664-014]. Installs evaporator unit in chassis or in air duct system, using hand tools. Cuts and bends tubing to correct length and shape, using cutting and bending equipment and tools. Cuts and threads pipe, using machine-threading or hand-threading equipment. Joins tubing or pipe to various refrigerating units by means of sleeves, couplings, or unions, and solders joints, using torch, forming complete circuit for refrigerant [Pipe Fitter (construction) 862.281-018]. Installs expansion and discharge valves in circuit. Connects motors, compressors, temperature controls, humidity controls, and circulating-ventilation fans to control panels and connects control panels to power source [Electrician (construction) 824.261-010]. Installs air and water filters in completed installation. Injects small amount of refrigerant into compressor to test systems, and adds Freon gas to build up prescribed operating pressure. Observes pressure and vacuum gauges and adjusts controls to ensure efficient operation. Tests joints and connections for gas leaks, using gauges or soap-and-water solution. Wraps pipes in insulation batting and secures them in place with cement or wire bands. Replaces defective breaker controls, thermostats, switches, fuses, and electrical wiring to repair installed units, using electrician's hand tools and test equipment. May install, repair, and service air-conditioners, ranging from fifteen to twenty tons cooling capacity, in warehouses and factory buildings and be designated Air-Conditioning Mechanic, Industrial (any industry).
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0637Builders Association of North Central Florida Apprenticeship Program GNJ
8000Sara Emanuel 3Alachua
0637Florida Air Conditioning Apprenticeship Association GNJ
8000Steve Sparks 8Palm Beach
0637Florida Gulf Coast Chapter ABC, Inc. GNJ
8000Nick Nowell 4Hillsborough
0637Florida Training Services Apprenticeship Program, GNJ
8000Amanda McGinley 6Martin
0637Heartland Air Conditioning Apprenticeship Program GNJ
8000Fred Hayes 7Highlands
0637Lee County BoCC Apprenticeship Program, INJ
8000Marion Osborne 7Lee
0637MARS CDC Apprenticeship Program for Men and Women GNJ
8000Brenda Hill-Riggins 9Dade
0637Nassau County Board of County Commissioners IJ
8000Douglas Podiak 3Nassau
0637Northeast Florida Builders Association GNJ
8000Christina Thomas 3Duval
0637Peaden Pro Academy, INJ
8000Pat Daul 1Bay
0637The College of the Florida Keys Apprenticeship Program GNJ
8000Megan Perez 9Monroe
0637The School District of Highlands County Apprenticeship Program, INJ
8000Andrew G. Lethbridge 7Highlands