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Applies coats of plaster to interior walls, ceilings, and partitions of buildings, to produce finished surface, according to blueprints, architect's drawings, or oral instructions, using hand tools and portable power tools. Directs workers to mix plaster to desired consistency and to erect scaffolds. Spreads plaster over lath or masonry base, using trowel, and smoothes plaster with darby and float to attain uniform thickness. Applies scratch, brown, or finish coats of plaster to wood, metal, or board lath successively. Roughens undercoat with scratcher (wire or metal scraper) to provide bond for succeeding coats of plaster. Creates decorative textures in finish coat by marking surface of coat with brush and trowel or by spattering surface with pebbles [STUCCO MASON (construction) 842.381-014]. May install lathing [LATHER (construction) 842.361-010]. May mix mortar. May install guide wires on exterior surface of buildings to indicate thickness of plaster to be applied. May install precast ornamental plaster pieces by applying mortar to back of pieces and pressing pieces into place on wall or ceiling and be designated Ornamental-Plaster Sticker (construction). May specialize in applying finish or rough coats of plaster and be designated Plasterer, Finish (construction); Plasterer, Rough (construction). May apply plaster with spray gun and be designated Plasterer, Spray Gun (construction). May perform maintenance work only and be designated Plasterer, Maintenance (construction).
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0423Florida West Coast Trowel Trades JAC
4000Abigail Joubert 4Hillsborough