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Line Installer-Repairer
Installs and repairs telephone and telegraph lines, poles, and related equipment, according to diagrams, and using electrician's hand tools. Digs holes, using power auger or shovel, hoists poles upright in holes, using truck-mounted winch, and fills and tamps holes, using cement, earth, and tamping device. Ascends poles or enters tunnels and sewers to cut in feeder lines, attach appliances, such as terminal boxes and repeaters, and repair or replace defective lines and auxiliary equipment. Unreels and strings lines from pole to pole and from pole to building, installs hardware, such as conduits and insulators, and attaches appliances on lines. Pulls lines through ducts by hand or with use of winch. When assisting in installation and removal of plant equipment, such as call boxes and clocks, in city locations, may be designated Line Installer-Repairer, City (tel. & tel.). When patrolling telephone lines between communities, may be designated Toll-Line Repairer (tel. & tel.). When patrolling telephone or telegraph lines between two established points or in designated areas, may be designated Line Maintainer, Section (tel. & tel.).
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0282City of Bartow IJ
8000Brad Hiers 5Polk
0282Fishel Company INJ
8000Rob Kuell 4Hillsborough
0282Lakeland Electric INJ
8000Cheri Million 5Polk
0282LCEC - Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc. IJ
8000Greg Allen 7Lee
0282Peace River Electric Cooperative, Inc. IJ
8000Kim Gough 7Hardee
0282PowerTown Line Construction Apprenticeship INJ
8000Steve Magenheimer, Training Director 4Hillsborough
0282Tampa Electric Company (TECO) IJW
8000Sam Nowakowski 4Hillsborough
0282Volt Power Company Apprenticeship Program INJ
8000Daniel Welch, President of Training 7Manatee