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Line Erector (Lineman)
Erects, maintains, and repairs wood poles and prefabricated light-duty metal towers, cable, and related equipment to construct transmission and distribution power lines used to conduct electrical energy between generating stations, substations, and consumers. Directs and assists Ground Helpers (tel. & tel.; utilities) in attaching crossarms, insulators, lightning arresters, switches, wire conductors, and auxiliary equipment to poles preparatory to erection, as instructed by Line Supervisor (utilities), and assists in erection of poles or towers and adjustment of guy wires. Climbs erected poles or towers and installs equipment, such as transformers, which are ordinarily installed after poles are erected. Strings wire conductors between erected poles with assistance of Ground Helpers (tel. & tel.; utilities) and adjusts slack in conductors to compensate for contraction and elongation of conductors due to temperature variations, using winch. Splices, solders, and insulates conductors and related wiring to join sections of power line, and to connect transformers and electrical accessories. May trim trees and brush prior to new construction, during repair of damaged lines, or as part of routine maintenance [Tree Trimmer (tel. & tel.; utilities)].
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0281ABC Institute Apprenticeship Programs, GNJ (NOTE: This program has outreach jurisdiction in the following counties: Brevard, Indian River, Martin, Miami Dade, Monroe, Okeechobee, Orange, Palm Beach, Sarasota, Seminole, St. Lucie)
6000Ruth Tirado 8Broward
0281ABC Institute Line Erector Apprenticeship Program GNJ
6000Ruth Tirado 8Broward
0281CHELCO (Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative) INJ
6000Ruth Edwards, PHR 1Walton
0281City of Lake Worth Beach Utilities Apprenticeship Program IJ
6000Michael Jenkins 8Palm Beach
0281City of Leesburg Electric Utility INJ
6000Marie Carter 5Lake
0281City of Tallahassee Lineworker, INJ
6000Samuel Holt, Utility Training & Safety Specialist 2Leon
0281City of Vero Beach IJ
6000Randall McCamish 6Indian River
0281Florida Public Utilities IJ - Northeast Division
6000Kevin Metts 3Nassau
0281Florida Public Utilities IJ - Northwest Division
6000Rhondon Gray 1Jackson
0281Fort Pierce Utility Authority Apprenticeship Program INJ
6000Dino Nesselrode 6St. Lucie
0281Glades Electric Cooperative, Inc. IJW
6000Kyle Altman 7Glades
0281Ocala Utility Services IJW
6000Glen Moehling 3Marion
0281Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative Inc., INJ
6000Jamen Monbarren 4Pasco