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Electric Meter Repairer
Inspects, adjusts, and repairs electric meters used for recording electric current consumption. Disassembles defective meters, using hand tools. Examines parts of meter for wear and detects warped or bent parts, using straightedge. Soaks electric parts in chemical solutions to clean parts. Removes dirt from other parts, using brushes, sandpaper, and soap and water. Reassembles meter, using new or repaired parts. Turns setscrews or makes other adjustments required to bring meter accuracy within prescribed limits. May test meters for accuracy [Electric-Meter Tester (utilities)] or for correctness of assembly and dielectric strength, using testing apparatus. May repair demand register mechanism of demand meters. May repair such electric components as instrument transformers and relays. May install meters.
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0151City of Bartow IJ
8000Brad Hiers 5Polk
0151City of Lake Worth Beach Utilities Apprenticeship Program IJ
8000Michael Jenkins 8Palm Beach
0151Florida Public Utilities IJ - Northeast Division
8000Kevin Metts 3Nassau
0151Fort Pierce Utility Authority Apprenticeship Program INJ
8000Dino Nesselrode 6St. Lucie
0151LCEC - Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc. IJ
8000Greg Allen 7Lee
0151Ocala Utility Services IJW
8000Glen Moehling 3Marion
0151Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative Inc., INJ
8000Jamen Monbarren 4Pasco