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Sheet Metal Worker
Plans, lays out, fabricates, assembles, installs, and repairs sheet metal parts, equipment, and products, utilizing knowledge of working characteristics of metallic and nonmetallic materials, machining, and layout techniques, using hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment. Reads and interprets blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to determine sequence and methods of fabricating, assembling, and installing sheet metal products. Selects gauge and type of sheet metal, such as galvanized iron, copper, steel, or aluminum, or nonmetallic material, such as plastics or fiberglass, according to product specifications. Lays out and marks dimensions and reference lines on material, using scribers, dividers, squares, and rulers, applying knowledge of shop mathematics and layout techniques to develop and trace patterns of product or parts [Sheet-Metal Lay-Out Worker (any industry) 809.281-010] or using templates. Sets up and operates fabricating machines, such as shears, brakes, presses, forming rolls, and routers, to cut, bend, block and form, or straighten materials. Shapes metal material over anvil, block, or other form, using hand tools. Trims, files, grinds, deburrs, buffs, and smoothes surfaces, using hand tools and portable power tools. Welds, solders, bolts, rivets, screws, clips, caulks, or bonds component parts to assemble products, using hand tools, power tools, and equipment. Installs assemblies in supportive framework according to blueprints, using hand tools, power tools, and lifting and handling devices. Inspects assemblies and installation for conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as calipers, scales, dial indicators, gauges, and micrometers. Repairs and maintains sheet metal products. May operate computer-aided-drafting (CAD) equipment to develop scale drawings of product or system. May operate laser-beam cutter [Laser-Beam-Machine Operator (welding) 815.682-010] or plasma arc cutter [ARC CUTTER, PLASMA ARC (welding) 816.364-010] to cut patterns from sheet metal. May be designated by type of metal as Coppersmith (any industry); Tinsmith (any industry); or according to type of activity as Fabricator, Special Items (any industry); Model Maker, Sheet-Metal (any industry); Product-Development Worker (any industry); Roofer, Metal (construction); Sheet-Metal Installer (any industry); Sheet-Metal Worker, Maintenance (any industry); Shop Mechanic (any industry).
Program NameProgram HoursSponsorRegionDistrict
0510ABO Apprenticeship INJ
8000Julie Cowan 6Brevard
0510Florida Gulf Coast Chapter ABC, Inc. GNJ
8000Nick Nowell 4Hillsborough
0510North Florida Sheet Metal Workers JATC
8000Ruben Velasquez 3Duval
0510Northeast Florida Builders Association GNJ
8000Christina Thomas 3Duval
0510School Board of Broward County Florida Physical Plant Operations IJ
8000Roseanne Farino 8Broward
0510Sheet Metal Workers LU #32 JAC
8000Frank Combs 9Dade
0510Sheet Metal Workers' Local 15 JATCTF
8000Tom Biehl 5Seminole
0510Tri-County Apprenticeship Academy GNJ
8000Christine M. Sardina 7Lee