Religious Institutions

Notice: Effective Immediately - all Religious Institutions must email the affidavit to

Florida Statute 1005.06 (1)(f) Religious Institutions Exempt from the Commission's Jurisdiction

Religious institutions that meet the requirements found in Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes and Rule 6E-5.001, Florida Administrative Code are not under the jurisdiction or purview of the Commission for Independent Education and are not required to obtain licensure.

Section 1005.06(1)(f), F.S. reads:

A religious college may operate without governmental oversight if the college annually verifies by sworn affidavit to the commission that:

  1. The name of the institution includes a religious modifier or the name of a religious patriarch, saint, person, or symbol of the church.
  2. The institution offers only educational programs that prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.
  3. The titles of degrees issued by the institution cannot be confused with secular degree titles. For this purpose, each degree title must include a religious modifier that immediately precedes, or is included within, any of the following degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Education. The religious modifier must be placed on the title line of the degree, on the transcript, and whenever the title of the degree appears in official school documents or publications.
  4. The duration of all degree programs offered by the institution is consistent with the standards of the commission.
  5. The institution's consumer practices are consistent with those required by s. 1005.04.

The commission may provide such a religious institution a letter stating that the institution has met the requirements of state law and is not subject to governmental oversight.

Rule 6E-5.001 Religious Institution Letter of Exemption

  1. Definitions. As used in this rule, a "letter of exemption" means a letter issued by the Commission to a religious college providing that the institution has met the requirements of state law and is not subject to governmental oversight.
  2. The Commission shall issue a letter of exemption no more than once annually, after receipt of a properly completed application on CIE Form 113. CIE Form 113, Application for Religious Institution Letter of Exemption, is incorporated by reference to become effective upon the effective date of this rule. CIE Form 113 may be obtained without cost, from the Commission's website at or by writing to the Commission for Independent Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400.
  3. The sworn affidavit portion of CIE Form 113 shall be executed by an Officer, Director or person holding a similar office with the religious institution.
  4. The Commission shall not issue a letter of exemption where it has not received a properly completed CIE Form 113.
  5. Duration. A letter of exemption is valid for one year from the date reflected on the letter.

Download Form 113 - Application for Religious Institution Letter of Exemption (PDF)


The following institutions have filed an annual affidavit and received a letter of exemption from the Commission for Independent Education:
Religious Institution List

Abba Theological Seminary

ABICUS FL Christian School

ABM University Theological Seminary

Abraham University

Absolute Christian University International

Absoulute Christian University

ACOJ Theological Seminary and Ministry Training Corp

Admirable Counselor Team University Seminar-Actus- Inc

Adullam Bible College

Agape Christian University

Agape Seminary

Agape University & Seminary

Aidan University

Alexander Institute of Biblical Studies, The

Alliance Bible College and Seminary

Amazing Grace World University

Amazonia Christian University

Ambassadors Theological Institute and Seminary

America Christian University, Inc.

America International Christian Chaplain Association

American Bible College, Inc.

American Chaplains Inc

American International Chaplain University Inc.

American International Theism University

American Pontifical Catholic University

American University of Theology, The

Ames Christian University

Ames Christian University

Amity College

Andre Robert Ministries Inc. dba Faith Global Institute

Angel Ferguson's Ministries

Answer Ministries International Institute (AMI Institute)

Apostolic University of Fine Arts & Philosophy in Music Education Seminary

Apostolic University of the Holy Mysteries A.M.O.R.

Apostolic University of the Holy Mysteries A.M.O.R.


Ark Baptist College

Asociacion de Capellania Restauradores en Accion, Inc.

At the Cross Theological University Inc.

ATFS Bible Institute, Inc.

Atlantic Coast Bible College and Theological Seminary

Avodah Kingdom University Inc.

Barnham Seminary, Inc.

Bayside College of Ministry

BCC Adonai Elohim Christian University, Inc.

Be Encouraged In The Word Christian Bible College, Inc.

Beacon of Light Christian College

Bearing Fruit Training Institute Inc.

Berean Christian College & Seminary, Inc.

Beth Rapha Christian College and Theological Seminary, Inc.

Bethesda Bible Institute & Seminary and Messenger School of Counseling

Bhagawan Siya Ram Hindu International University, Inc.

Bhakti Yoga College

Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness (Buddhist), The

Bodhisastra University Florida Inc

Boston Christian University

Branches of the Vine International University, LLC

Burnett International University of Theology

C.I.C.A. International University & Seminary Corp.

C.U.E.W.A. University of African, Eastern & Western Religious Studies and Holistic Health

Calvary Bible College

Calvary Chapel Aventura Inc.

Calvary Chapel University

Camden University and Graduate School of Theology

Cane Ridge Ministers Academy and Seminary

Canon Bible College and Seminary, Inc.

Canon University International Ecclesiastical Council of Bishops and Apostles Inc.

Canon University, Inc.

Capellania Impacto de Amor Conforme al Corazon de Dios

Carey International University of Theology

Carmen L. Stewart Apostolic Institute of Learning

Carolina Theological Institute and Seminary

Cascadia Northwest Theological Seminary Inc

Central Christian University

Central Florida Kingdom University


Centro de Estudio Teologico y Ministerial, Inc.

Centro Evangelistico Latino Americano International university

Challenge International Bible College and Seminary

Challenge International Bible College and Seminary

Chaplaincy International Academy, The

Chaplains of Florida Inc.

Charismata Christian College

Charismata Theological University

Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary

Choices Christian Bible College and Graduate School, Inc.

Christ for all Nations School of ministry

Christ Jesus College and Seminary

Christ Restoration University Inc.

Christ Theological Seminary

Christian Bible Institute & Seminary

Christian Business School

Christian Institute of Human Development

Christian International School of Theology

Christian Leaders, NFP, Inc.

Christian University of Theotherapy, Inc.

Church of God by Faith Theological Institute, (CTI)

Church of Harmony and Sacred Space, Inc.

City Bible College

Clarity International Christian University

CMI American Christian University

Colegio Teologico & Empresarial de Comunidad de Fe Ministries

College of Metaphysical Studies DBA, The College of Religious Studies, The

College of Missionary Aviation

College of Theological Seminary

Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology

Colorado Theological Seminary

Coral Ridge Seminary

CORE Kingdom University

Cornerstone Christian University CCU, Inc.

Cornerstone Christian University/Cornerstone University of Florida

Covenant Life University

CUFS University Advanced Studies in Theology and Ethics

Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva - Open International University

David University

Demonstration Ministry International Bible College

Destiny Christian University, LLC


Divinity Chaplain University

Doma Christian Leadership University

Dove Counseling School

Doxa International University - Bible College and Theological Seminary

Dr. Natalie Walker Ministries

Eagle Christian International University

Eagle High Theology University

East Coast Christian University

Ebenezer Highvision Institute

Edgewater Christian University

Eisner Institute for Spiritual Studies

Eitz Chaim Rabbinical University

Ekklesia Bible Institute & Seminary

El Tabor Christian University

Elohim Kingdom University LLC


Emil Brunner World University Corp.

Emmanuel Christian University

Emmaus Baptist College

Encouraging Faith Theological University

Enlace International Christian University

Esther International University

Esther Theological Seminary of Malabar, Inc.

European-American University & Theological Seminary

Evangel Temple Campus of Evangel University

Evangelical Christian College

Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary

Evangelical University and Seminary

Exousia University

Expansion International Jabes University, Inc

Faith A & B University

Faith Deliverance Crusade Ministries Bible College "The School of Eagles"

Faith Leads University, Inc.

Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College

Family of Christ Theological Seminary

Fedglomi University-Fedglomi-U

Florida Assembly of God University

Florida Baptist University

Florida Beacon College & Seminary

Florida Bible College of Tampa

Florida Bible University

Florida College for Philosophical and Religious Studies

Florida Hebrew University

Florida International Bible College & Seminary

Florida International Theological Seminary

Florida Leadership And Ministry University

Florida School of Preaching

Florida Theological Chaplaincy Academy

Florida Theological Seminary and Bible College, Inc.

Florida Trinity College

Florida World University Logos

Florida Yeshiva University International Beth Midrash

FMI Biblical Studies And Seminary

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Gamaliel Global University, Inc.

Gate of Bethel Bible College, The

Genesis University

Genesis University

Global Chaplain University

Global Nations University and Seminary

Global Oved Dei Seminary and University

Glory Zone University (TGZU), The

Gnostic Jesuit School of Theology, The

Golden Gates Chaplains International Ministries, Inc.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Great Commission International Theological Seminary

Great Commission of the Chaplain International Corp., The

Gulf Coast College and Seminary

Gulf Pointe Bible College and Seminary

Hartwell University

Harvest Baptist University

Harvest Life Christian and Training Centre, Inc.

Harvest Time International Christian University

Heka and Ma’at Seminary

Heritage University and Seminary

Hidden Truths College of Metaphysics

Higher Place Christian University

Hindu University of America

Holistic University of Florida, The

Holy Spirit Christian University

Holy Spirit University of Atlanta

Holy Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary

Holy Trinity College and Seminary, Inc.

Hope Connection Ministries Corp.

IBCK Faith University

ICU- International Christian University

Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership

In Character School of Ministry

Indiana Wesleyan University

Inner Healing Ministry Institution

Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training, The

Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training, The

Institute for Vaishnava Studies, Inc, The

Institute of Christian Leadership, Inc.

Instituto Biblico Abrigo Del Altisimo

Instituto Biblico Volviendo a Pentecostes IDDUVP

Instituto Catolico Pscicologia y fe

Instituto Teologico M.I.C.A.R.

Instituto Teologico Monte de Sion Inc.

Integrity Bible College & Seminary

Integrity Theology Institute

International Academy of Chaplaincy

International Bible University United

International Christian Chaplains University, Inc.

International Christian College and Seminary

International Christian Vision Ministerial University & Clergy Council

International College of Ministry

International Evangelical School of Universal Studies

International Hindu University Inc.

International Kingdom University U.S.A.

International Leadership Institute Logos, U.S.A.

International Network of Chaplain Inc.

International Rain of Blessing Theology University of Florida

International Redeemed Christian University

International University of Morality

Isaiah University of the Holy Ghost

Islamic University of North America (Mishkah University)

Ivy Enber Christian University

Jacksonville Theological Seminary

JEA Theological University

Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning

Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning

Jesus Image, Inc.

Jesus is Lord International University

Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary

Jewish Christian Seminary of Florida Inc

Jewish University Systems, Inc

Jodapris Christian University

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi Christian University, Inc.

JRTU - Jehovah Rohi Theological University

Jubal Christian University of Music & Art

Judaic Institute For Graduate Studies, Inc.

Kemuel Christian University

King David University

King Solomon University

King’s Christian University

Kingdom Builders School of Theology

Kingdom CEO University

Kingdom Citizens Bible School

Kingdom Heirs University

Kingdom International University Corp

Kingdom of God Available for All / KGAA International University

Kingdom Scholastic Center of Excellence, Inc.

Kingdom Theological Institute

Kingdom Truth University, Inc.

Kingdom University International - School of Theology

Kingdom Vessels Christian Bible Institute and Seminary

Kissimmee International College and El Roi Institute

Knox Theological Seminary

LAMP Training (Leadership and Ministry Preparation Training)

Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary and Graduate School

Landmark Baptist College

Last Days Prophetic Training College

Latin College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy

Leadership Jesus Name University & MGDC Inc.

Legisee Christian University

Lenkeson Global Christian University, Inc.

Life Christian University

Life University Leadership, Inc

LifeSource Advanced Bible Institute

Lifeway Baptist University

Ligonier Academy of Biblical And Theological Studies

Logos Bible Institute

Logos Christian University

Logos Christian University and Vocational Institute of Technology, Inc., The

Logos Divinity University

Logos Institute of Theology, College & Seminary

Logos International Chaplain Ministries

Logos International University

Logos University International Uni Logos

Love in the word Church Inc. ( Joy Bible College & Seminary of LITWChurch)

Lucent University

Luz y Verdad Christian University, Inc

M.A.P.S.D. Holistic Ministry Seminary

Macedonia Theological Seminary Inc.

MADA Theological University

Manifest Theological Institute

Manna University

Maranatha Christian College

Maranatha Intercontinental University, Inc.

Marsem Global Institute for Christ

Mekong College and Seminary

Mercy University

Messiah Emmanuel University Inc

Miami International Seminary Inc.

MICAR Chaplain International

Micar Christian University

MICED (Ministerio Internacional Cristo Eterno Dios) International University

Middle Florida Theological Seminary and Bible College

Mind of Christ Institute, Inc.

Ministerial Christian University Inc., The

Ministerio de Familia a Prueba de Presion Inc.

Ministerio Internacional Dios Es Amor. Inc

Ministry of Christ Church College

Ministry of Spirit and Truth Int'l

Ministry of Spirit and Truth Int'l

Miracle Time University

Monument Christian College

Most Holy Trinity Seminary

Mount Olive Bible Institute & Seminary, Inc.

Mount Zion University

Mountain of Faith School of World Evangelism

My Life Theological University

Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC)

Netzer David Yeshiva

New Alliance Theological Seminary, Inc.

New Awareness Ministries, Inc.

New Covenant Bible College Inc.

New Covenant International University & Theological Seminary

New Covenant International, Inc.

New Covenant University

New Covenant University

New Day Mercies Bible Institute, Inc.

New England University of Christ

New Life Christian University

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

New School of Biblical Theology, Inc., The

New Spirit of Prayer Leadership Training & Online Ministry School

Newness of Life Bible College & Seminary

Next Dimension School of Theology

Nikola Tesla Autonomous International University Inc.

North Carolina Christian University Inc.

North Central Theological Seminary

Northwestern Theological Seminary

NorthWind Theological Seminary

NU Grace Bible University & Seminary

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary, Inc.

Oceans Unite Discipleship Training Centre

Olivet Theological College & Seminary

Orlando Institute for Leadership of Ministry, The

P.I.D.A International Christian University

Palm Beach Baptist Theological Seminary

Pastorsworkshop Seminary

Pentecostal Theological University

Petra Christian University

Phrear School of Theology

Post Education Institute College of Biblical Studies, Inc.

Power International Theological Seminary Inc.

Prayer Pact International School of Ministry

Preachers International, Inc.

Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Seminary and Graduate School, Inc. (aka "Berit")

Professional Christian University

Providence International Christian University s.m. Inc

RAM Bible Institute and Seminary

Redime Christian University

Remnant Bible College

Remnant Nation University - ( A Division of Remnant Nation, LLC )


Revelation Message Bible College

Revelation Message Christian Institute

Revelation University

Rhema Apostolic University Midet

Rhema World University

River Life University Inc.

River Ministries

River School of Ministry

River University-River Bible Institute

Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies, The

Ross F. Herrington University and Theological Seminary

RWOMI Christian University

RWOMI Training Institute & School of the Prophets

Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary

Sacred Monastic Order Church of Hope Inc.


Sai Ayurvedic Institute

Saint Irenaeus House of Orthodox Studies

Saint James International Christian University

Saint Omer Institute

Saint Peter University LLC

Saint Peter World Scientific University Foundation

Saint Sebastian’s Elite College

Saint Thomas Old Catholic Theological Seminary

Samaritan Institute for Religious Studies

Sampoorna College of Ayurveda & Holistic Studies

San Gregorio College and University.

School of Revivalists Inc.

School of Theology and the Prophets, LLC

Sean Claire Lily University & Seminary

Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano

Seminary for the Third Millennium

SER Christian University

Shalom Theological University

Shema Israel International Yeshiva, Inc.

Shofar Bible College & Ministries Inc.

Siloam Evangelical University

Smith Chapel Bible University Inc.

Smith Christian University

Sonshine Bible Institute

South Florida Christian College

South Orlando Christian Academy

Southeastern Theological Seminary

Southern National Theological Seminary

SouthField Morality University, INC.

Southwestern International Bible College

Spiritual Food Ministries Inc. and Christian University

St. Johns American University of Florida

St. Johns Christian University & Theological Seminary

St. Paul International School

St. Paul University

St. Vincent De Paul Regional Seminary

Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary - Christian University

Tabernaculo Internacional / Tabernacle International

Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center

Tau Divinity University

Temple Christian University, Inc.

Trinity Graduate School and Seminary, Inc.

Trinity International Outreach Ministries School of Theology

Trinity International University of Ambassadors Corp.

True Sanctuary of Praise Bible College & Seminary

Truth Bible University

TVM Christian University

Uniclau Laude International Christian University

UNIFF LLC (University of Informatics and Faith in Florida)

United States Christian University

United States Institute of Language and Clerical Studies

United Theological University

Universal Trinity College

Universidad Cristiana Central

Universidad Cristiana de Desarrollo Integral C.L.

Universidad Cristiana Enlace Mundial

Universidad Cristiana Logos

Universidad Cristiana Logos Colombia

Universidad Iberoamericana de Liderazgo

Universidad Internacional Cristo Libera

Universidad Internacional de Filosofia Holistica

Universidad Martin Lutero

Universidad Panamericana saint Julius I

Universidad Reformada De Miami

Universidad Teologica Cristiana Internacional Inc.

Universidad Teologica de Florida, Inc.

Universidad Teologica El Camino, Inc.

Universidad Teologica La Palabra Inc.

Universidad Transcontinental Cristiana de New York

Universidad Universal de Musica y Arte Jubal

University of America & Seminary, The

University of America & Seminary, The

University of America St. Augustine, The

University of Holistic Theology

University of I AM / Spiritual Awakening and Manifestation University

University of Leadership and Ministry

University of the Supernatural Ministry

University of Theology, Philosophy and Science Inc.

Vedic Wellness University Inc.

Veni Creator Christian University

Victory International Praise and Worship Center

Victory Through Holiness Theological Seminary

Visionist Theological Bible Institute Inc.

Vox Dei American University

Walk by Faith by the Holy Spirit Christian School

West Florida Baptist Institute

Western Orthodox University Faculties of Theology and Church Music, The

Whitefield College and Theological Seminary

Williams Masters School of Theology

Wisdom of Christ University

Woodfield Christian Seminary

World Christian University

World University of Lutheran Philosophy Inc.

Worldwide Theological Scientific University

Yoga Veda Institute, LLC

Yoga-Samskrutham University

Zion Army University Inc.

Zion Christian College & Seminary

Zion Christian University

Zion Gate University Inc.

Zion International University

Zoe International University