This interactive website has been developed to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity and access to request a rule development workshop and to express their concerns relating to specific rules of the State Board of Education. Listed below are rules which are currently under review to determine if changes should be proposed. Please note that all requests for rule development workshops must be submitted no less than 7 days prior to the tentative date and time shown.

If a tentative date is not shown, you may request a workshop which will be held no earlier than 14 days after the announcement of the workshop in the Florida Administrative Register. We value your input, see rules listed below currently under review.

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6A-1.09401 Student Performance Standards CS Academic Standards 6A-1.09401.pdf 07/24/2024
6A-1.09422 Coordinated Screening and Progress Monitoring System and Statewide, Standardized Assessment Program Requirements. 07/24/2024
6A-1.09941 State Uniform Transfer of Students in Middle Grades and High School 07/24/2024
6A-1.0995 Form of High School Diplomas and Certificates of Completion 07/29/2024 11:30 a.m. If requested:
6A-1.09952 Requirements for the Florida Seal of Fine Arts 07/08/2024 3:00 PM See Notice in FAR Seal of Fine Arts Rule and Incorporated Documents.pdf
6A-1.099822 School Improvement Rating for Alternative Schools 07/24/2024
6A-1.0999 Purple Star School of Distinction Designation 07/24/2024
6A-2.0040 Petition for Variance
6A-4.0012 Application Information 07/24/2024
6A-4.0021 Florida Teacher Certification Examinations 07/24/2024
6A-4.004 Florida Educator’s Certificates with Academic, Administrative, Degreed Program and Technical, and Specialty Class Coverages 07/24/2024
6A-5.066 Approval of Teacher Preparation Programs 07/24/2024
6A-5.067 Teacher Apprenticeship Program 07/24/2024
6A-6.020 Granting High School Credits and Diplomas to Adults 6A-6.020.pdf
6A-6.03028 Provision of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and Development of Individual Educational Plans for Students with Disabilities 07/24/2024
6A-6.03311 Procedural Safeguards and Due Process Procedures for Parents and Students with Disabilities 07/24/2024
6A-6.03315 Private School Scholarship Compliance 6A-6.0952, 6-0960 and 6-03315.pdf
6A-6.0521 Dropout Prevention and Academic Intervention Programs. 08/21/2024
6A-6.05281 Educational Programs for Students in Department of Juvenile Justice Detention, Prevention, Residential, or Day Treatment Programs 07/24/2024
6A-6.053 District Comprehensive Evidence-Based Reading Plan 07/29/2024 1-2 p.m. If requested: See notice.
6A-6.0531 Reading Achievement Initiative for Scholastic Excellence (RAISE) 07/24/2024
6A-6.0571 Career and Technical Education and Adult General Education Standards and Industry-Driven Benchmarks.
6A-6.0575 Clock Hour Dual Enrollment for School and District Accountability 07/24/2024 1:30 p.m.
6A-6.0576 CAPE Industry Certification Funding List 6A-6.0576.pdf
6A-6.0786 Forms for Charter School Applicants and Sponsors 07/24/2024
6A-6.0787 Ballot Process for Teacher and Parent Voting for Charter School Conversion Status
6A-6.0952 Family Empowerment Scholarship 6A-6.0952, 6-0960 and 6-03315.pdf
6A-6.0960 Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program 6A-6.0952, 6-0960 and 6-03315.pdf
6A-6.0981 Provider Approval and Renewal for Virtual Instruction Program 07/24/2024
6A-7.0710 Instructional Materials Evaluation Procedures 07/24/2024
6A-7.0714 Library and Instructional Materials Objection Report and Specific Materials Objection Template 08/21/2024
6A-7.0715 Certifications and Plans for Instructional Materials and Library Media Rule 6A-7.0715 and IM-A.pdf
6A-10.024 Articulation Between and Among Universities, Florida Colleges, and School Districts 07/24/2024
6A-10.0244 Statewide Award of Uniform Postsecondary Credit for Specified Training and Experience 07/24/2024
6A-14.030 Site Determined Specialized Associate in Arts Transfer Degree Access; General Education Course Options; and Postsecondary Instructional Unit Definitions and Awards in Florida College System Institutions 07/24/2024
6A-14.0303 General Education Course Options 07/24/2024
6A-14.065 Meta-Major Academic Pathways
6A-14.094 Site Determined Specialized Associate in Arts Transfer Degree Access 07/24/2024
6A-18.044 Licensed Operator Facility Agreement 07/24/2024
6A-18.046 Incorporation by Reference 07/24/2024
6M-8.620 Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Coordinated Screening and Progress Monitoring Program 07/24/2024
6M-8.622 Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Provider Performance Metric and Designation 07/02/2024 11-12 p.m.
6M-9.200 School Readiness Plus Program 6M-9.200_3140.pdf